1968-1982 Corvette

1968–82 Speedometers

Rebuild your original speedo and calibrate. Parts extra.  Time: 3-4 weeks


Add $55 to restore inner and outer bezels, buff lens, paint pointers.

Silk screening- $45

Add $15 for 1968-69 speed warning        

1968-74 Tachometers

Rebuild your original tach and calibrate. Parts extra.  Time: 3-4 weeks


Add $55 to restore inner and outer bezels, buff lens, paint pointers.

Silk screening- $45

Add $12 to restore red line

1975-82 Tachometers

Includes new electronic board & calibration.  Time: 2-3 weeks


1968-82 Clocks Mechanical & Quartz

Clocks are disassembled, cleaned, face cleaned, pointer repainted. Please consider a quartz movement replacement as they are more reliable. For the show car people the quartz movements pulse the second hand where the mechanical movements sweep. Other than that the clocks are identical externally and require no modification of your car.  Time: 3-4 weeks    Mechanical: 3-4 weeks

$225 with NOS standard mechanical movement.

$195 with quartz conversion.

Additional parts may be required.

1968-76 Center Gauge Cluster

The center gauge cluster is disassembled, cleaned and repainted inside and out. All pointers repainted, gauges functionally tested and calibrated as required.  Time: 3-4 weeks

Labor:  $250        

Additional parts and gauge repair extra.

1968-73 Oil Pressure Gauges

Mechanical oil pressure gauges are cleaned, tested, repaired and calibrated.  Time: 2-3 weeks


1965-82 Rear Rotor & Spindle Match

At the factory, the rotor and rear spindle were riveted together, then the rotor faces were machined to insure the run out of the rotor face was kept to a minimum. Many Corvettes have had the rotor rivets removed and the rotor removed loosing its clocking with the spindle. The results is a problem called “pumping air” which takes place after you bleed the rear brakes. The caliper pistons shuttle back and forth with every rotor rotation due to rotor face run out pumping air into the rear brake system causing a loss of pedal. This service assembles your rotor and spindle and trues the face of the rotor to GM specifications eliminating this problem.  Time: 2 weeks


1963-82 Steering Gear Box

Steering gear boxes are professionally rebuilt with new seals, bushings, and bearings. All steering play is removed.  Time: 2 weeks


1963-82 Stainless Steel Calipers

Calipers are rebuilt with stainless steel inserts then polished to a micro finish. Forged, anodized, aluminum pistons are assembled with new seals, o-rings, and dust boots. All calipers are tested prior to shipment, serialized and warranted for leakage. Calipers sold on an exchange basis. Call for brakes and we can place a core charge on a credit card until you ship the cores back. There may be cheaper, but not better. Brakes are not the place to cut corners on quality.  Time: 2 weeks


1968-73 Rechromed Bumpers

This service is for rechroming bumpers used on 1968-73 Corvettes.  The bumpers are plated and returned to you.  The core submitted must be a good useable core and have no rust through, broken bolts, or have extra holes drilled into the bumper as we cannot fix the holes and present the customer with a show quality product.  Call us for your other chrome plating needs as we are very affordable.  Time: 2-3 weeks (yours)


$265/front bumper

$69/ea. Front Bumperettes

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